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Room Painting Services

Room Painting Services

Room painting is nothing but painting a room (pun intended). Room painting is important because you don’t want your room to be boring and dull which doesn’t motivate you to get up in the morning. We provide you with the best room painting service with assurity and durability, we assure you that our team will help you out in choosing the best design for your room. Therefore, providing you with bright and vibrant colours which motivates you to get up in the morning or do the chores.

Different brands that have collaborated with us are:

Berger paints
Asian paints
Gush Paints

Your design + our creativity = the best room painting service

We provide you with safer and hassle-free painting options and designs to pick from which are eco-friendly which is the best way to safe our environment as well as safe for the people who are living. It is budget friendly which is the second-best part of our painting services

  • Even during times like COVID we assure that there will be safety in every step and you can just lean back and provide you the services. We provide you with the best quality services which lasts longer and you don’t need to worry about the smudges or leakages it is smudge proof and leakage proof. The different kinds of hues are going to make the room look more beautiful.


  • You just need to choose the colours and the patterns we will tell you the cost and the duration of time we will take in completing it. Choosing the correct colours might be a huge task but we have newly introduced Swatch testers which will make it much easier for you as well as us as it will make us understand or lead through what kind of design and colours you are looking for while ensuring safety and durability. We will provide you with the PP KIT as well because it’s a must during times like these wherein the safety of our customers is at us at most priority.

  • With our automatic tools the painting becomes much faster and neater. It is dust free, faster and better.

    You can choose the colours and patterns from our catalogue and we can Swatch test it and show it you all you need to do is trust us and our team because we believe in serving or treating our customers like King’s and Queen’s. If you are worried about from where the painters are coming from you don’t need to as our team will get their temperature checked we will provide them with shields, masks, gloves and sanitizer.

Need Help ?

Feel Free To Call Us -

If you have any issues regarding anything you can contact us or drop in a message, we will revert back with 2-3 hours. You can customize your own walls based on your choice and our professional painters will provide you with the best service possible. We also provide post painting clean up so you don’t have to worry about cleaning up the mess as our team will do that for you leaving your home neat and tidy and safe and hygienic.

We provide you with free consultation and Swatch tests. We offer the huge range of painting services at affordable prices.

With over 120 years of paint manufacturing experience, Nippon Paint is one of the most popular and trusted paint brands in Singapore. They offer local solutions and stylish color designs.

It is a trendy brand of interior paints from Japan. There are many people who enjoy using this product. All paints and varnishes of this company are made from quality materials—That’s why they are much resistant to any environmental influences. Many buyers are happy with this product because this painting can stay on for a long time. This way, you don’t have to repaint your interior when using Nippon Paint products. There are many areas in Singapore where you can buy all of this company’s products. This makes sense because these products are very popular with many Singaporeans.

Dulux is owned by the world’s leading coating manufacturer AkzoNobel (formerly owned by ICI Paints) and is renowned for its quality and range. Their color card has thousands of shades, and they have coatings for every room. Dulux Ambiance All (Rich Matt) is a luxurious, odorless, durable and washable interior wall paint.

This brand is a combination of ICI and Dulux. The two companies merged several years ago to produce high-quality ICI Dulux products. This brand has many great products. You can find many painting colors provided by this painting brand. This company has won numerous awards in this country. These awards showcase the reputation of this brand. Many people are very happy with the result of their painting when using ICI Dulux for interior painting.